Alessandra Zambelli

This article, translated from a lecture given at the Collège International de Philosophie in 2009, explores at first the feeling and then the sense of a dichotomic and sacralised defence in the Dance as opposed to the Reflection, that in this perspective becomes partial and demonized. The author follows the steps of the trials included in this attitude and shows how to open them to a more real and finally historical sense. Sociology, anthropology, aesthetics, history of the dance, theoretical philosophy and phenomenology, psychoanalysis, and real life are all called to match with psychotherapy, the work of the author. From the danced gesture to the reflexive movement, the body shows the invisible necessity of the spirit to change in order to feed its need of expression. Then the reflection reveals itself as the tool and the effective content of such movement intrinsic to the human being, that doesn’t ask to be protected by it, but rather to knowingly stick to it, inexorably and ‘playfully’.

C’è un tabù della riflessione nella danza?
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