Sara Fumagalli e Claudio Muti

The Greek lyrical poets first and Athen’s philosophy later discovered the ego and so they separated it from the cosmos; the miracle of ionian philosophy vanished. From Hegel onwards we seek the path of recomposition of ego and cosmos. The ego has become subject and faces the world without realizing that is still part of it and that it is always subjected to the process of differentiation and identification from the world and subjected to the need to express itself, to be part of the world.
Merleau-Ponty recomposes the viewer with the visible, being flesh of the same flesh, part of the whole. Here we pin on the relevance of the friction with the world, with everything, that is on my encounter, of my ‘skin’ with the ‘flesh’ of the world. The phenomenology of the encounter and the process as a whole are drawn by Hegel’s Aufhebung.

Dell’incontro e dell’attrito
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