Luca Siniscalco

The main focus of our essay is on Martin Heidegger thoughts on art. We have concentrated our researches on The Origin of the Work of Art and on The Will to Power as Art (in Nietzsche) discovering in the aesthetic speculation of the German philosopher an elective place for a fruitful discussion of nihilism. Our research is based on the assumption that the ontological leading position of art, that has always been understood by Heidegger as the place of truth revealing, can lead to a positive oasis within the era of nihilism. In order to deeply understand this perspective, the comparison with Nietzsche and with the artistic solution against nihilism that he conceived, seemed to us an unavoidable task. This comparison and the analysis of Heideggerian texts prove that the complex hermeneutic of the Meßkirch author identifies art as the most suitable place for the appearance of the event (Ereignis) of the truth of Being. At the same time the precautionary philosophical position of Heidegger does not allow to recognize the specific modes that make possible to overcome nihilism. The background of Heideggerian theory always requires existential openness and availability to the “piety of thinking” and to the appearance of God.

Heidegger contra Nihilismus. Una soluzione estetica?
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