Silvana Borutti

The paper presents a notion of philosophical work that does not refer to existential themes, either in simplistic terms of the search for answers about the meaning of life, or on a higher plane as task and calling, according to the ethical concept of Wittgenstein’s philosophical work.

The author outlines her own formation process: starting from a conception of philosophy as fully formed discourse in a rigorous language, self-sufficient and at the same time open, she has successfully applied it to the field of human sciences, such as anthropology, psychoanalysis and historiography. The reflection on the imaginative aspect of knowledge in human sciences has enabled her to develop the idea that philosophy should work, through criticism and conceptual abstraction, on the plurality of notions of shape that constitute the objects, taking into account the non-exhaustiveness of the objects in philosophical thought and finally, the lack of knowledge at the core of human experience.

Il lavoro filosofico come mestiere
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