Sara Fumagalli

A rich philosophical debate has developed in Italy in recent years, culminating in the publication of Maurizio Ferraris’ Manifesto del nuovo realismo (2012) and the contemporary Italian translation of Günter Figal’s Gegenständlichkeit. Given the importance of these developments, it is useful to examine the origin of this narrative in the philosophical tradition, and especially in the work of Hegel. The reflections of the new realists invite us to reconsider the importance of objects, reality, and truth. In this sense, they invite us to move beyond postmodernism. Looking back to Hegel’s Phänomenologie des Geistes, we find a passionate declamation in favor of Reason rather than rational intellect. Against all other philosophers at the time—and in particular against Kant—Hegel gives a privileged position to Sense-Certainty and argues that it is the only way to reach Absolute Knowledge. 

La certezza sensibile del Nuovo Realismo
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