Gianni Trimarchi

The “positive” sciences regarded as worthy only the products of higher mental functions. However, as early as the nineteenth century, National and Ethnic feelings were born on a large scale, based on the “discovery” of an archaic identity, which -in the idea of some authors- had been dormant for a long time. The “rediscovering” of this identity arouses enthusiastic acclaims within the various groups still today, and a lot of violence against those people who are outside. The phenomenon has found various attempts at interpretation which are correlated with the outbreak of a primordial aggressiveness. However, this does not explain why violence is exercised only in certain cases and not in others, since the context, in this reading, is given as irrelevant. According to another hypothesis defined as “implosion” the socalled archaic identities have nothing which is innate, but are generated by external stimuli of a mediatic nature. These inputs do not stop at the superficial aspects of information, but know how to act on the depth of the bodily “habitus”. In these cases, “the body meets the state” (Appadurai). This situation nourishes some nationalisms which actually have no antiquity, but have been planned in the present by the elites in power.

La metamorfosi dell’ovvio
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