Marco Casiraghi

The visual is a privileged field to indicate, within a theory of subjectification, the necessary encounter with an irreducible point of objectification, exemplified by the entification of a body that incurs the negation of its own transcendence. So, between the delineation of a subject of the vision and the maintenance of this objectual element, we see a dialectical relationship that, approaching a constitutive objectification to the visual, leads us away from a certain representation of the viewer: an invisible witness who “disposes”reality as a scenic representation. In the following pages, we want to investigate this objectification through two aesthetic-anthropological paradigms located at the convergence of philosophy and psychoanalysis. First of all, by placing our attention on the specular dynamic analyzed by Jacques Lacan, that is to say, on the informant and coercive nature of those identifications that, thanks to a morphogenic property, help the child’s body to imaginatively emerge from a state of primordial disarticulation. In this way, we will see a body image similar to an involucre, a fictitious and necessary unity that will be imprinted in space to anthropomorphize it. Starting from this configuration, we will observe the barging into the visual field of an excrescence irreducible to the egological dispositions: a residue born from a constitutive dissymmetry between watcher and watched, which, leading the subject to become himself a picture, should open us to a space that no longer appears like our relative. In this way, the properties that determine the visual field are doubling without excluding each other: on the one hand a compact and narcissistically oriented spatiality, on the other what prevents its totalization. The entification to which the mirror parade leads thus alternates with the action of a gaze which, becoming autonomous, petrifies us like a gorgon, letting emerge what is not inglobable by a subjectification of the visual field.

Lo specchio e la schisi
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