Alessio Caselli

After several years of blackout, the thought of Giovanni Gentile is today at the center of a process of revision and review that aims at outlining its figure in the context of European philosophy. According to the most recent research, the value of actualism would consist in having achieved the concept of “absolute experience”, a circumstance that would link actualism with other currents of contemporary philoophy, in particular the thought of James, Bergson and Whitehead. This affiliation suggests the need to rethink the role of the Gentile’s sources in inspiring him to elaborate the philosophy of the act, and in particular the role played in this regard by Spinoza. Although Gentile considers Spinozism a modern version of Neoplatonism, he uses some Spinozist ideas in the construction of actualism. It is in particular the notion of idea as an “act” to offer Gentile the chance to develop the concept of “autoctisi” as pure experience, in which the unity of intellect and will is plainly expressed, even if the incomprehension of the potential inherent in the notion of “causa sui” prevents him from grasping the full value of the spinozian thought.

Lo spinozismo in Giovanni Gentile e l'”esperienza assoluta”
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