Francesca Calabi

The aim of this paper is to reconsider the notion of nostalgia. The two focuses are Ithaca and Jerusalem, topoi of an imaginary activity. The object longed for by nostalgia not necessarily is tied to a precise geographical place. The original land can be seen as a mythical situation: this until the nostalgic person does not return to his home country. Arrived in Ithaca, Ulysses must leave again. The desired homeland no longer is the native country: it is an invisible place, perhaps lacking a name, a home of own’s memory, of own’s cultural and sentimental references, or it can also be the object of the longing for a better world. Nostalgia can leave aside one’s past as an individual or as a people, and become the yearning for an “elsewhere” representing the possibility: no longer the longing for a given land, but for the overcoming of boundaries and limits, of the here and now.

Francesca CALABI, Nostalgia: Itaca e Gerusalemme
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