Alessia Giacone

In this paper, I shall analyse Whitehead’s ontological approach to the concrete. My idea is that the concrete can be conveniently reinterpreted in terms of value. In fact, Whitehead takes advantage of what he calls “the romantic reaction” since he appropriates some of Wordsworth’s positions; his contention is rearranging the brute scientism, which deprives nature of every shape of value. To achieve my goals, I will firstly examine the dialectic fact/value as it emerges in Whitehead’s last conference, titled Immortality; secondly, I will take a step back, considering the development of the notion of value in Whitehead’s thought, especially in Science and the Modern World, Religion in the Making, and the Harvard courses. I aim to show that each actual occasion expresses both inner value and a form of world-loyalty as well as the structure of actuality is solid and already valuable in itself. Thus, it seems reasonable to interpret Whitehead’s ontology of the concrete as a philosophy of value, and this kind of theory of value as an ethics metaphysically based.

Ontologia del concreto come filosofia del valore
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