De la simulation de l’âme à la captation des affects

Isabelle Ledoux-Sgambato

The analysis of the example of Replika, a chatbot that is supposed to serve as a friend and as a substitute of deceased persons, shows that the spinozist and freudian definitions of body, soul and affects allow to put into critical perspective the comparison of artificial intelligence performances with those of human individuals. After the critical exam of the analogy with the human body, the radicalisation of this analogy leads to the refutation of the comparison of artificial intelligence with human thought. But such an attempt of artificial simulation of soul and of affective relationships has many consequences and issues. They
appear, first, by the analysis of the difference between artificial and real affective relationships, and, second, by the exam of the functional affective aspects of the chatbot. Finally, the concept of «transindividual» elaborated by E. Balibar founds a brief search of the possible consequences and issues of such artificial intelligence uses.

Spinoza, Freud et l’intelligence artificielle
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