Francesca Brezzi

First, the essay will cover philosophical moral issues with special attention to contemporary French Philosophy and its different branches (Existentialism, Existential Phenomenology, Philosophy of Reflection, Hermeneutic).The second part deals with the Philosophy of Gender, an interest developed in connection with contemporary philosophy, starting from the reflection embracing both literature and philosophy and revolving around the collapse of monolithic subject as well the appearing of otherness or plurality inside the “self”. The innovative assumption is that the gender as an indispensable element for interpretation, hence, producing new systems of knowledge and reinterpreting linguistic fields. The aim will be a culture of differences -differences can be of gender, identity, religious beliefs and cultural traditions- to increase inter-cultural knowledge and help overcome prejudices against all that which is “other” in terms of country of origin, culture, religious beliefs and gender.

Dove va la filosofia (italiana)?
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